Retail Skill Enhancement

When a shopper appears to hesitate, it’s the sales person’s responsibility to help without bias, to act as the confidant the shopper can count on. Individualization of service makes the retail great. This is where soft skills training is essential.

The combination of our sales expertise, work within the retail sector and our unique approach to the interaction with the customer has led to the creation of sales training courses. These increase the sales results of even the highest performers.
In this Retail Skill Enhancement Workshop, participants learn:

  • About selling, buying and what customers need from the retail sales person
  • How to structure a sales conversation and why it’s important
  • Ways to engage the customer and create the best impression
  • Listening and questioning skills to help understand needs
  • To present product or service features and benefits
  • Approaches to handle typical objections
  • How to recognize buying signals and ‘close’ naturally
  • To create an excellent lasting impression

For top sales and service performance, there should be a focus on three elements:

  • Being aware of the Self
  • Focusing on the Customer
  • Managing the Interaction

Retail Skill Enhancement Workshop

Retail Skill Enhancement Workshop

To develop retail skills, we cover the following vital aspects:

  • Enhancing your Brand- The Power of Staff Image
    A customer’s buying decision can be influenced by several factors.  One of the most important is the professional image of the salesperson.  In today’s competitive environment, it’s no longer enough to be ‘good’ or even ‘very good’.  The pressure is on to be ‘outstanding’ and ‘better than the rest’.
    What do we mean by professional image?  It encompasses appearance but is about so much more than that.  From the salesperson’s facial expression to the tone of their voice, from the words they speak to the words they write, everything they say and do counts. 
    With so many things to think about, it’s not surprising that it can be a challenge for the salesperson to get it right.
    On this course participants learn to be more aware of their professional image and the impact they’re making. How professional image and behaviors’ are created. Participants learn the art of creating a consistently positive first response. The ways to develop positive customer perceptions. On Practical approaches for further enhancing their professional image.
  • Creating a Unique Customer Service Training
    An important aspect of Retail Training, our Retail Customer Service Training helps employees to accrue customer delight. The touch-point for a retail organization are its employees - if the service provided is appropriate, the organization would gain from loyalty and repeat sales.
  • Creating a Unique Customer Interaction Training
    In communication, EVERYTHING MAKES A DIFFERENCE: a tone of voice, a word, a behavior; even silence is communicating a message.  Everything influences your customers to THINK and FEEL in a certain way.  So it’s important for sales and service people to be aware of all the elements which impact on the success of the customer interaction.
  • Accent Neutralization and English Language Training
    We decided to incorporate these two modules to help our participants training in retail to increase their comprehensibility and understanding of customer interaction. There will definitely be an increase in sales and customer satisfaction, if there exists a smooth flow of communication and involvement.
  • Sales Training
    Imagine the scenario: A customer is talking to one of your sales people and is engaged in a discussion about the product, but there is no real selling happening. The customer finally says: ‘Thanks – I’m going to shop around’ then walks away.
    Missed opportunities like this happen every day in retail outlets. How much money is YOUR business losing by not providing the right retail sales training for every one of your sales people?
    Our Sales Skill Training covers important step-by-step instructions as to how to connect into a sale without being offensive.

Through our focused, activity based learning style, we help our participants to understand the intricacies involved in the retail industry. Add to this our talented and experienced trainers who have vast domain expertise in the field - and you have a winning combination that will accelerate the progress of your organization in the desired direction.


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